Take your AI competence to the next level!

Do you want to know more about artificial intelligence, and how it can be used in your business? Our courses and talks will help you take the next step towards a data driven future, focusing on your customers. And our consultants will help you build AI solutions that really work.

Helping our customers process their data or build intelligent systems is what we call Savantic Team. Collaboration is part of our DNA. We are team players and we love winning together!

We have collected lots and lots of experience about working with data driven processes and how to succeed with AI in practice. All Savantic employees are experienced researchers and we all enjoy keeping up to date with the latest findings in our respective fields. We share inspiration and AI knowledge and through Savantic Institute

AI is more than just data

It’s about understanding reality as well. Physics, that is.

Savantic Team are specialists within the fields of industrial, automotive and MedTech. All our consultants have earned PhD’s. They know how to turn our customers’ data into viable business solutions, always using the latest AI technology, of course.

How we help our customers

Talks and workshops

Tailored talks and events to inspire you to take the next step towards using AI in your business.

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Marcus Weiland porträtt

This is Savantic Institute

We have a subsidiary for sharing the knowledge we have gathered through our past and ongoing projects. Marcus Weiland is the mind behind Savantic Institute, which aims to raise the level of AI competence in Sweden.

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