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We give you the skills you need to succeed with AI!

Did you know that US AI companies have the most data about Swedish citizens, and that Chinese AI companies have the greatest access to capital? They also have the best AI universities.

Does it matter? Well, if we want to keep a high level of welfare in Sweden it does. Our prosperity has been built by entrepreneurs and engineers and what they have created with the latest technology. And right now, Sweden is behind in this area.

Painful, isn’t it? And in fact, the same is true for most companies too. To stay competitive, understanding AI is not just a competitive advantage, it is a must. We need to consider the risks but focus on the value that AI can create and acquire the skills to succeed with AI. Both as companies and as a nation. And this is the purpose of our subsidiary, Savantic Institute. Do you want to learn the skills to create a prosperous future?

I want to learn more about AI

Awesome! We have created a bunch of courses that give you a chance to dig deeper. We hope you find something that will pique your curiosity.

Our courses
Södra station transformerat av ett GAN (Generative Adverserial Network)

What is AI?

Can an AI be creative? How can you apply AI to create value in your industry? And how do you create a data acquisition strategy that is as thought through as that of Tesla?

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From AI to Savantic Institute

John McCarthy organizes the Dartmouth Conference where artificial intelligence becomes an established concept in the research world. During the 60's, a lot of research is done on AI.
Complete AI winter and no money for research.
Somewhere in Sweden, Marcus Weiland is born and with him the first seed of what will one day become Savantic Institute.
Marcus starts at the high school Danderyds Matematikgymnasium in the same class as several of the first developers of Spotify. The breaks are spent programming playing obscure versions of chess.
Marcus builds his first artificial intelligence, a deep artificial neural network, although then it was called a multi-layer perceptron trained with the multi-layer error backpropagation algorithm (!). It is easy to understand why it has been given a simpler name today: deeplearning.
Marcus attempts to start a business to segment customer data using AI to create personalized email campaigns. The technology works but investors are still holding on tight to their wallets.
Studying Japanese in Nagoya whose university is a world leader in robotics and has a student club for the board game Go with many strong players. Arranges a competition with Swedish crispbread in the pot.
Marcus goes from being a developer to project management to becoming head of IT. In parallel he is studying at the Stockholm School of Economics and decides to do what he can to increase Sweden's AI skills when he realizes how low the level of knowledge is among both students - and teachers.
The AI winter is over and at the same time Marcus gets his first board assignment as chairman of the telecom company Viatel.
To understand what makes AI projects successful or unsuccessful, Marcus interviews business developers, CEOs and managers in companies in Sweden, Europe and Silicon Valley.
Holds the first courses on AI with the newly founded company Curiative and gets 5 out of 5 on all course evaluations. Yihoo!
Curiative becomes part of Savantic and gets the name Savantic Institute! Leveraging Savantic's knowledge and experience in AI several new courses are created.

The beginning of Savantic Institute…

When Marcus founded Savantic Institute, it was because of his worries that Sweden is slipping behind in the field of AI. It is American AI companies that have the most data about us Swedes. And Chinese AI companies have access to more venture capital than anywhere else in the world. The US and China also have the most famous AI universities. In Europe, we have tended to focus primarily on risks and less on benefits. It’s time for us to catch up and a crucial key is education. Let’s get together to improve Sweden’s AI skills!