About us

We are Savantic Team. We love solving impossible problems!

The Savantic Spirit

We have a unique company culture. We call it the Savantic Spirit, and this spirit is reflected in our core values. We care for our customers, for the environment and for our co-workers. We do this by our genuine will to understand. That is why we keep analyzing, ask, ask again and challenge, in a humble way. We love solving impossible problems and to explain the solution in a way that anyone can understand.


Advanced AI solutions for the future require a team of technology superheroes. We like coding, testing, learning and to create applications.

Working together with our customers is a process of trust. We know that large investments are at stake, and that you, our customer, must be able to rely on us creating solutions for the long term, which can change over time, according to new requirements, whenever needed. Together, we are a winning team.

Claes Orsholm

Ph.D., CEO, Sales, Developer

Marcus Weiland

Deputy CEO Savantic, CEO Savantic Institute

Benny Lundström

Sales Director, AI Catalyst

Mats Sandström


Christofer Aourell

Ph.D., Sales, Project manager, Developer

David Menéndez Hurtado

Ph.D., Developer

Edvin Sidebo

Ph.D., Developer

Fan Pan

Ph.D., Developer

Hanna Källén Murray

Ph.D., Developer

Håkan Lundberg


Johanna Öberg

Ph.D., Developer

Karoly Makonyi

Ph.D., Supervisor

Lena Douglas

Ph.D., Team Leader, Developer

Lena Källberg

Content Manager

Leyla Isaeva

Ph.D., Developer

Mathias Ljungberg

Ph.D., Developer

Miroslav Valan

Ph.D., Developer

Pontus Olsson

Ph.D., Developer

Samuel Lampa

Ph.D., Developer

Steffen Muschter

Ph.D., Developer

Susumu Okazawa

Ph.D., Developer

Tobias Carlsson

Ph.D., Developer

How to turn trash into treasures

Our mascot is the bowerbird, who uses trash to decorate his bower. If we make use of our digital trash, all the information that we leave behind, like log files and browser histories, we will have access to huge amounts of data that can be used by artificial intelligences to find patterns and create something useful out of.

In the same way, Savantic’s graphic design guide has been created from assets salvaged from the digital wastebin at the office of Familjen communication agency. Our website has been created by using fonts, colors and names that some of the agency’s other clients have rejected. Now all this waste has been digitally recycled and turned into something new and beautiful.