Machine Learning for Developers – company-specific course

We share many years of experience

Savantic is a team of 20+ consultants who have all earned PhD’s. Between us, we have many years of experience from data-driven development and Machine Learning projects at some of Sweden’s most successful companies. We offer a course covering the most important aspects of Machine Learning, focusing on fundamental insights regarding data, neural networks and time series. Deep Learning is part of this field. The course will give your developers the possibility to start using Machine Learning to create value for your customers.

This is the time to develop the skills of your team

For many companies, business is a bit slow right now, with employees working from home. In such times, it is extra important to do things together. Businesses investing in their employees are those that are most strengthened by crises. This online course gives your developers the opportunity to add to their competence and to learn something meaningful together. This is your chance to gain more skills and increase your competitive power.

What participants will gain from this course

  • AI demystified – see beyond the hype
  • Fundamental Machine Learning concepts
  • An overview of neural networks for image recognition and time series
  • Practical knowledge of Machine Learning algorithm development
  • The ability to identify problems that are suited for Machine Learning solutions and to discover the potential of your data

And – we promise that you will be challenged and have fun along the way!

Target group

This course is aimed at System Developers. No previous Python or Machine Learning skills required.

Course sessions

This course is an online event, which will be divided into two four-hour sessions. After each session, participants will be given homework tasks.

Session 1

  • Get to know Python, Jupyter and Tensorflow
  • Basic Machine Learning
  • How to solve a simple classification problem
  • Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Transfer Learning

Session 2

  • Time series and predictions
  • Traditional methods
  • Deep learning for time series
  • RNN and LSTM
  • Pitfalls and insights

Cost example

Depending on the number of participants and whether you would like to tailor parts of the course to your company’s specific needs, the cost of this course will vary. A standard version of the course, with two four-hour sessions with 10 participants, the cost is 80,000 SEK, excl. VAT.


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Two four-hour sessions, flexible date








This course is an online event, provided via a video conference tool that we will provide. Savantic will provide a virtual machine/docker prepared for Machine Learning development well ahead of the course sessions, to be installed by the participants. The source code used in the course will be provided as editable files. We can also tailor the course to your specific needs, if, for instance, you would like to have a shorter, one-day introduction.


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Ta kontakt med oss om du vill få mer information om vilka typ av kurser vi kan erbjuda.

Contact us if you want to book this course for your your company.