Gustav Kristiansson new Chairman of Savantic AB

Gustav Kristiansson has been elected new chairman of Savantic AB and succeeds Stefan Csillag who has been chairman a total of 18 years out of Savantic’s 22 year history. The management and owners of Savantic would like to thank Stefan for his long and faithful service.

Savantic is one of Sweden’s sharpest consulting companies in artificial intelligence, with a large number of PhD’s who daily help customers around the Nordic region to build smarter services and products.

I have long been fascinated by the complex tasks that can be automated with machine learning and have for the past 5-6 years focused on the business benefits of implementing this type of automation in both services and products. I myself have previously been a customer of Savantic and was struck by the breadth and depth of their knowledge. Two years ago, I was asked to take a seat on Savantic’s board and was elected its chairman this year. It feels extremely honoring and I now have the opportunity to deepen my own technical knowledge in the field while I get the opportunity to lead Savantic’s board and CEO towards a future where Savantic’s competencies will be at the absolute center.

Gustav Kristiansson has worked with technical development in Renault’s F1 team, started consulting companies in the borderland between research and technology, worked as strategy manager for a Swedish software supplier to the global car industry and is involved in starting SaaS companies in the European freight transport sector.

For more than two decades we have had an exciting journey. Savantic has become exactly the expert company we as founders imagined. We now take our next step in developing Savantic and I warmly pass the baton to my successor Gustav, greets Stefan Csillag who continues on the board as a regular member.