Emergent spacetime and warp drives

Matthew Lawson

Emergent spacetime has been a sexy topic for 30 years or so. In a new paper our Savantic collague Matthew Lawson and co-authors finally propose a way to test it! Over the past century, physicists have made enormous strides in understanding the nature of matter and energy. However the fundamental nature of space and time […]

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Tesla and federated learning

Building and programming completely self-driving cars is difficult. Tesla has a strategy where it rolls out new features step by step. Some examples: In 2015, there was an update of the software that made it possible to park automatically In 2016 came another update (in beta) that gave the opportunity to drive autonomously on highways […]

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How close is AI to replace creative work?

Savantic held two days of creative workshops with Pond Design. The goal was to explore how much help AI can be in a creative process. Emilie Camén, New Business Director, at Pond wrote a blog entry about it that you can read below. How close are we as creatives to be replaced by computers? AI […]

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